Choosing the language on the blog with PluXml : done !

The last blog update happened in january (in french), but I keep improving this blog ! 😃

What's new :

  • • displaying flags as languages helpers between the title and the important pages.
    This way, it's easier too see that the blog is available in both French and English 😊, even if for now, there are more articles in French than in English (I will work on that 😅).

UK and french flags between the blog title and the important pages
Yeah, it's the french version

And of course on mobile :

on mobile : UK and french flags between the blog title and the important pages

Depending on your device resolution, the design of the navigation bar can be a little bit messy because the flags can go over the title 😟 I will work on this important point and create real breakpoints for my media queries, but for now, a little fix I did was to place the flags over the title (with a higher z-index), so the flags can still be clicked on. Feel free to tell me how is the design on your device, or to send me a screenshot on the social media of your choice !

  • • display of the dependencies for bilingual articles : when both french and english articles exist, it is visible immediately.

affichage du titre de l'article disponible dans l'autre langue quand il existe
Here is the example of a french HotPanda. The english article is available, so a link with a flag and the title is notified on the beginning of the article 😃  The english HotPanda is available here.

I used to link manually each article that has its equivalent in the other language, whereas the multilang plugin I use can do it by default ! 😅 It's the plugin plxMyMultiLingue for PluXml.

That's it ! It has been a while since I wanted to allow an easy switch between French and English on the blog, and now it's done ! It will motivate me to translate more and more articles in English, I promise...

What do you think of this blog update ? 😊

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