HotPanda #29, july 2020 : so soft !

HotPanda, episode entitled "So soft !"

HotPanda, content for mature pandas !












HotPanda comic : Petit Lutin is eating an omelette and fried diced vegetables.









HotPanda comic : suddenly, she is shocked by the sound of Moustache making a big 'Mmmmmh'.











HotPanda comic : she goes back to her plate (because it's yummy).









HotPanda comic : Moustache makes big noises again ! He says 'Mmmmh, oh... mmmh !'










HotPanda comic : Enough for Petit Lutin ! She says :'Moustache, can you please stop ?!'


HotPanda comic : She keeps going :'You're ennoying me !'












HotPanda comic : Moustache the panda replies, with his mouth full of food : 'Mochis are ch'o ch'oft !'


Here, the mochis are japanese cakes made of sticky rice and filled with mashed red beans. It's delicious !

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