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Hello, you!

There were really few articles on the blog during the last 2 months. Why?

First : a full-time job which takes time

Since june, I have worked as a web developer for the company who hired me. Now, I only have the evenings and the week-ends for writing and drawing. I had to adapt to this rythmn, and handle the times where I was too tired for the creative work.

Next : heat wave + working from home = it's HOT at home (hush, Moustache ! 🌡🐼)

I am lucky to be able to work from home two days a week since I got my job. This means that the company computer warms up my room, even a little bit. When I draw on graphic tablet, I need my personal computer to make it work, and they both make a lot of heat. During the heat wave, I decided to stop using devices that were makeing too much heat (computer, oven...). I drew doodles on paper instead.

croquis d'animaux au stylo à encre sur un carnet aux pages blanches

And then : pain in my shoulder and my wrist

Yup, after 8h of work + 1 to 2h of fun on my personal computer, I started feeling pains on my shoulder and my wrist on the right side (I'm right handed). I tried some yoga, and this also convinced me not to use my computer on the evening.

OK, but, what's up ?

I got a haircut ; I had a short bob I used to cut myself, and now I have a "pixie cut" ! (Petit Lutin having a "pixie" cut is fun, because a "lutin" can be "an imp" or "a pixie" in french.) This new haircut will be the topic of a webcomic.

Annnnd I created my own business in july ! 😃 I am now a freelance illustrator and I can take commissions for custom illustrations ! *_*
The less fun part is the paper stuff : I write to many people and when they reply me, it takes more than a week when I push for answers... It's a little bit ennoying, because I am so willing to begin an exciting project !

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Symphonie, a long hair cat is rolling on her back in a green field with yellow flowers, and Moustache the panda is sitting next to her. He's holding a purple butterfly. A dove is flying near them.
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Petit Lutin and Moustache the panda are gardening
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