Download and print my free advent calendar !

finished advent calendar

Last year, I created my own advent calendar ! =D

I wanted to share it with you, and you can download it for free and directly from the blog (with no tracking or advertising). It's Christmas before Christmas! ♥


What you'll need :

  • • the illustrations of the advent calendar to download here
  • • a printer
  • • some tape
  • • some glue
  • • a cutter
  • • a cutting board

the tools needed for making the advent calendar

1. Download

Download the .zip folder, et right-click "Extract all files" if you're on Windows. If you have a different OS, you'll know better than me how to extrat files from a zipped folder.


2. Print

pictures printed on two sheets

Print both files as pictures and check "fill all the page" in your printer settings. Be careful to print on two sheets (yes it consumes paper and ink but there's no date on it so you can reuse it next year !).

Except for Moustache the panda and the Christmas tree, I used rather light colors in order to reduce ink consumption.


3. Cut

the windows with number are opened on 3 sides

Cut the windows on 3 sides. I used a paper cutter, but I think a  basic cutter with a clean blade can also do it. Mine is old and I only use it to cut cartons, so I didn't use it for this purpose.


Be careful, don't cut yourself before Christmas (nobody wants to go to the emergency, not before Christmas, et even more during this year !)
(On pictures my finger is above the cutter.)


4. Fold (optionnal)

folding for opening a little bit the windows

I created the folds of all the windows, so it is easier to open them later. If you wan them to stay well closed, you can skip this step.


5. Assembly

the sheet with the windows is above the sheet with small illustrations

Now I can place the sheet with the small illustrations under the sheet with the windows.


tape on a corner : under view tape on a corner : above view

First, I gather the sheets by the top-left corner (next to the windows), and I apply tape on the corner to be sure that the windows are well above the drawings.



glue to place between the windows

Then, I can apply glue on the tiny parts between windows in order to stick the two sheets together.


near finished

I press with my finger on the parts where I put glue. I add tape on all the corners.



And voilà !


final result

Easy, isn't it ? =)

Precisions :

You are free to share the files of my advent calendar under the conditions below :
- you won't sell them.

- Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

That's it!

If you also wish to support my work, you can also buy me a coffee or pay as much as you want for this advent calendar on my Ko-fi shop! 💜

Feel free to translate this article!

Feel free to tell me if you made my advent calendar, I'll be really happy! ♥

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