Privacy policy

TD;DR: unless you write a comment, and regardless of the embedded content (such as Youtube), I do not track you.

Let's talk about cookies

For this blog, only one cookie is used, and it's a session cookie: its utility is to remember your session preference, for example the language in which you read the blog. It's often called "strictly necessary cookie".



I don't use third-party services for this blog statistics (no Google Analytics), so I don't send data to other websites. Buttons to social media are links, and not "share to" buttons, so these social platforms are not informed that you're on the blog, unless if you click on them and publish something on it (but at that point it's not my responsibility).


Embedded content

l may embed some videos or musical snippets hosted on other platforms, such as Youtube (Google) or SoundCloud. They have their own privacy policy. I check the "advanced privacy policy" on Youtube, which in theory do not track you if you don't click to play the video.



I use the free and libre software Matomo on the same hosting as the blog. Matomo enables to anonymize the last two parts of your IP address, with the result that I don't know precisely from where you read the blog (only the country).

Moreover, if you have turned on the "Do Not Track" of your browser, the below message will let you know that your choice is respected.

Your comments

When you post a comment, I get the following informations: your pseudo, your email (optional, only if you wrote it), your website optional, only if you wrote it), your comment and your IP address (this is not specific to the blog, it's on every website). These informations are kept with no time limitations, if you want to "clean your trace" on my blog, leave me a comment and I'll delete your comment if this is what you want.


Source code of the blog

It's visible here.