HotPanda #33, november 2020 : the pet (lockdown edition)

Since 30th october 2020, it's second lockdown in France.

During the first one we had between 15th march and 11th may, may illustrators joined the "Coronamaison" challenge, which is a pun between "coronavirus" and "maison", which means "house". It consisted in drawing the environment where you were locked in, which resulted in beautiful houses drawings. I let you have a look :)

For the end of march, I had planned to draw something really different (an apocalyptic landscape), but with the lockdown, I couldn't do it. I haven't drawn a Coronamaison either, whereas the result could have been fun.

This time, I had the idea to make an episode of HotPandas dealing with the lockdown in a humoristic way. I hope it will relax the atmosphere we live in, and I hope you will enjoy it :)



HotPanda, content for mature pandas ! ♥
(33 episodes yet ! Most of them are only in french because of hardly translatable puns...)




Comic speechbubbles. Moustache the panda says :"Hey, Petit Lutin, what if I was your pet ?" Petit Lutin "... What ? No no no Moustache !" Moustache insists :"Oh, please !" Petit Lutin, angry :"In your deams !" and Moustache replies :"Huhu !"


Moustache the panda imagines being walked on a leash by Petit Lutin. Petit Lutin wears a kepi, a back woven facemask with a heart, a red corset with a heart, a short skirt in faux leather, and New Rock boots. In one hand, she holds the leash, and in the other, she holds a pink  whip which has a heart at the end. Moustache' leash and collar are pink. Moustache is happy and blushing. He says "I'm a naughty panda".


Yes, I really have these New Rock, no, my horse-riding whip isn't heart-shaped ! ^_^

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