My illustrated holidays

I have planned to write this article for a week, but I was not happy about the result.

During my week of holidays, I drew an illustration a day, with a pencil on a notebook. I took notes about what I visited, but most of my drawing are in french. If you are interested in, you can see them here and here.

But, for non-french speakers, I find that it may be complicated to read them, so I decided to write this shortened article, with only english speechbubbles.

The illustrations below are related to the day I visited the Bambouseraie of Généragues, in France. It is a huge garden with a lot of bamboos and rare trees and plants.

Self-portrait of myself, Petit Lutin, wearing a cowboy hat, sunglasses and a face mask. It is written "Sun shall not pass !"
With the protection of my cowboy hat, sunglasses, and the mask, I wanted to quote Gandalf in a funny way.


Wait, did I just say bamboos ? =P

Picture of bamboos with incrusted illustrations : Moustache the panda wants to eat all of them, while Petit Lutin is holding him back saying "Moustache, no !"

I felt like I had to do this picture, because I imagined so well how I could add illustration on it ^^ And yes, I kept the proportions of the picture, the bamboos were really big !

The bambouseraie has also a special acclimatization garden, where varieties of plants that usually enjoy a hotter weather are grown. There were banana trees, so this reminded me the Banana Boat Song (Day-O) from Harry Belafonte.

Picture of a big banana tree with bananas really high. Petit Lutin and Moustache the panda are looking at them, and Petit Lutin is pointing at them singing "Come mister tally man, tally me banana..." as in the Banana Boat Song


Hope you enjoyed this article ! :)

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