Download April's fool pisces

poissons d'avril découpés

Monday, it's April's fools day!

In France, we are used to stick pisces behind someone's back 😄 What if this time, the catfish actually looked like a cat?

This is why I decided to create April's fools' pisces that you can download and print ! 🐟🐠

Will you recognize:

  • - the catfish
  • - the moonfish
  • - the grumpy fish
  • - the cool fish
  • - the "black metal" fish
  • - the mean fish?

And which one is your favourite?

Download the April's fools' pisces 🐟🐠

I also added a slight warning touch with "beware of the phishing!",  which is a mean way of getting someone private sensitive informations, such as your identity or your bank credentials.

Another way of using these doodles is using them as stickers on your computer, either your laptop or your monitor!

sticker on my laptop

With this, you can warn your colleagues at work

stickers on my monitor

Download the April's fools pisces 🐟🐠

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pisces stickers to download and print
April's fools stickers
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Wallpaper "Spring"
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