Happy new year 2024!

Since a few years, I made the habit of making an illustration about the new year.

I was missing some inspiration for this one because I already made an illustration with cute and fluffy animals (text in french), a cat special one last year... So I was wandering what were the new things I discovered or what were my new experiences from 2023.

I immediately thought about my short trip in London, with its famous crossroads of Abbey Road on which I obviously walked, but I already made an illustration with my characters walking there. Then I wanted to put new characters in this background, and I thought about the other new thing in my life since march 2023: a worm composter that I use to transform my kitchen garbages. I already got 2 liters of compost after the summer and my worms are perfectly fine. No, it doesn't smell in the appartment, yes, it's sturdy enough for when a 5kg cat jumps on top of it. de 5kg qui saute dessus.


Here's my parody of the Beatles walking at Abbey Road, with worms and a worm composter 😄

These are cute worms crossing the road while pushing their worm composter. I obviously added Symphonie who loves going on top of it, and Moustache who couldn't resist to immortalize a worm twerking 😄


Bonus, here's the real life Symphonie on the real life worm composter:

On this picture, she was quite surprised not to land on the black lid. I just haversted 1 liter of compost, so I cleaned the plate that I put over the lid.

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