HotPanda #15, may 2019 : The whip

HotPanda 26, may 2019 : the whip. Moustache the panda is blushing

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HotPanda 15, may 2019 : Petit Lutin, searching into a trunk, says "Oh !" Moustache the panda, who was reading behind her, is surprised.

HotPanda 15, may 2019 : Petit Lutin says :"I've found my whip ! Do you know what this means ?"

HotPanda 15, may 2019 : Moustache the panda is blushing really well, and he says "Oooh, you wil make me blush !"


HotPanda 15, may 2019 : But Petit Lutin replies "It means that all my horse riding stuff is here ! I can ride a pony again !" Moustache is disappointed.


If you are a horse-rider, you know that talking about a whip always make laugh other people... So I decided to make a comic about this !

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