My balls on skis: what ?! Or how I turned an expression into a kid's litterature art...

Lately, I kept hearing my friends say "This thing of my balls on skis", "That stuff on my balls on skis", and I thought about several things:

- first, it's not really delicate...
- then, the balls they talk about are "on skis": that's unusual
- oh, I think I visualize a funny picture, let's draw it!


Here's the result of what I thought when hearing "my balls on skis".
You can click on the picture to see it in full size.


Cartoony illustration of colored fluffy balls who are on skis. They are represented like cute fluffy balls like on Miyazaki films. Each pair of them are on a different color. The red ones are arguing, the orange ones are looping in the air,the purple ones are having more or less fun, the blue ones are holding hands, the yellow ones are hands up, the green ones are playing, the pink ones are cuddling.

Little game!

Will you find the following balls?
- the balls who are skiing on only one ski
- the balls who ski while holding hands
- the acrobats balls who are living their best life
- the afraid ball
- the balls who are grumpy because they bumped into each other.

If you enjoyed this illustration, feel free to suggest other expression I could draw like this! 😊

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