HotPanda #59, january 2023 : a drawing in the snow

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During heat waves, I had made HotPandas episodes with puns (not translated), but I did not make many episodes during winter. Let's balance this :)




Moustache the panda is gaming on his computer. He is very focused. Symphonie, the fluffy cat, is looking by the window at the snow fallen during the night. Petit Lutin, not visible, says to Moustache :"Moustache! Since snow has fallen on my car, someone drew something on the windshield! Guess what it is!"





Moustache, laughing, thinks about what is usually drawn during bad jokes, so he says "A d-" but he is immediately stopped by Petit Lutin.




"A smiley!" shouts Petit Lutin, holding her smartphone in one hand and her handbag in the other. I added an actual picture of my car, and the smiley drawn on it is actually really cute.


According to you, on what video game is Moustache so focused?

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