Musical discoveries, December 2022

  1. Paramore - "This Is Why"
  2. Paramore - "The News"
  3. KARD - "Gunshot"
  4. Amaranthe - "Adrenaline"
  5. Amaranthe - "Adrenalina (acoustic version)"


Paramore "This Is Why", "The News"

Though Paramore never stops to make new music, I haven't been listening to their newer songs, except for the live version of "Last Hope". But since I couldn't find the same emotions in the CD version, I hadn't dug the rest of the album.

Recently, their single "This Is Why" is really popular on Instagram Reels (I guess it's the same on TikTok), because of the line "This is why / I don't leave the house".
I personally prefer their other single "The News". Listening to their songs again makes me feel like I'm back in high school, and it brings a little bit of nostalgia :)


KARD - "Gunshot"

I don't know many kpop groups with both male and female vocalists, so Kard caught my attention. I really like their single "Gunshot", and I find the choreography really pleasant to watch.


Amaranthe - "Adrenaline"

Finally, some metal!
Some Amaranth songs have a real power of keeping me focused on work, and I can listen to them repeatedly for at least one hour. "Adrenaline" is one of them, and I think it must be really cool to sing - at least, I would enjoy it). While I was starting to write this post, I discovered they made an acoustic version, "Adrenalina", which has a really different but cool vibe. I can imagine it been played in a bar.


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