HotPanda #28, june 2020 : The autocorrect

I know this HotPanda is a little bit late, but it was difficult for me to draw since I found a full time job as a web developer and I get home late twice a week because of the sport... Well, hope you enjoy this ! 😅


HotPanda, content for mature pandas


Petit Lutin sends a text message to Moustache, where it is written "I don't know if this year again I will go to an internship of ponygames"








But the autocorrect has done a weird job and has changed the message that Moustache received. he received "I don't know if this year again I will do an internship of polygamous", so he is shocked.





Petit Lutin replies : "Nooo, of ponygames, not polygamous !"


In french, the pony games (that I wrote ponygames) mean Mounted games, which are games on ponies that require speed and agility. I tried my best to translate this comic in English.

Damn autocorrect ! 😅

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