HotPanda #64, june 2023: fingers in there

banner of the HotPandas where Moustache the panda is blushing while saying huhu
HotPanda, content for mature pandas! 🌡🐼


All resemblance with a real-life experience is absolutely made on purpose.

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Webcomic page. Petit Lutin and Moustache are eating snacks and have drinks on their table. Someone says out loud:"I even put my fingers in there!" which shocks Petit Lutin so much she stops eating. She turns to see Noisette, a little mouse, and she tells her :"Uh.. the last time I heard your conversation you were talking about him (a tall bear)". Noisette says : "And I still do!" The last panel shows a big zoom on the head of the bear, who has ear plugs, and then, big holes in his ears. So Petit Lutin says : "Oh... his ears..."

So yeah, Noisette's little fingers were able to fit into the ear plugs of the bear  💍


For this episode, I tried again the templates in Krita, in order to create panels and adjust the content inside. But I have the feeling it is a little bit blurry, and that I should have done it on Inkscape instead...  😕 What do you think?


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