Introducing GNoob

a little gnu with glasses, it is written GNoob

GNoob? What does this means?

It's a pun between GNU, which means GNU's Not Unix, an operating system based on free softwares with the gnu, the animal, as the mascot, and noob, a word that comes from de newbie, which means beginner in a pejorative way.

I mixed these two terms in order to create a word that would mean : "beginner with free softwares" 🙂.


Nobody knows everything on all possible topics, especially not immediately, there is always a learning phase. So, there's a GNoob in all of us ! Don't tell me the opposite, because we can learn everyday with free softwares 🙂.

Yes, but... why?

When I read tutorials, I sometimes feel that they are a little bit too advanced for me because I miss some details. This combined to all of the scorns on free softwares, supposed to be "difficult to use", or "ugly", can repel users. So, I decided to create my own tutorials in order to make you discover some free softwares that I use, with a cute mascot.

As David Revoy wrote in his article GNUess, where he drew a cute "gnuess" without turning her into a Barbie, "If you look at photos of Gnus and collect keywords that will come to your mind, "cute" might not be part of this list".
I wanted that my GNoob looked young, as if he was going to school. I put glasses on him, and a book with "How to" written on it.

I did not want him to look like baby GNU who already exists, this is why I only picked gnus photos as visual references.

By the way, I talk about him as a "he", because I didn't see how I could create a cute "gnuess" without being too cliché. I'm quite sad about it, because you may know how it is important to me to empower women. In the other hand, if I used a "girly" GNoob for tutorials for beginners, maybe it would be perceived as "it is an easy tutorial, so it is for girls only, because boys are not noobs"... 🙄 (I don't think any word of this sentence !)

This illustration is not signed? 😮

No, because I chose, for the first time, to place this illustration under Creative Commons licence CC-BY. This means, that as long as you quote me (with a link to my blog, please), you are free to share, modify, redistribute this illustration. Pretty cool, isn't it? 😃


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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