An akita inu for a birthday !

This week-end, a friend of mine who often reads the blog had his birthday. 🙂 I made him a birthday card (in A5 format) for the occasion. I know he has a female dog which is an Akita Inu, so I decided it would be the main character of the illustration.

Until now, I've never drawn dogs that I was proud of. It was a small challenge because a birthday gift must not be ugly ! I started making sketches and color tests. It was a while I haven't drawn, and I haven't drawn with brush pens for a longer time (I don't draw much in my bullet journal now). You now understand the challenge 😅

Sketches and color tests for an illustration of an akita inu (dog)
My sketches and tests. The muzzle was difficult for me !


Illustration of an Akita Inu (dog) which says :"Cool, a new house ! Do we plan a small, no, BIG L.A.N. for a party ? A game of Age of Empires ? Happy birthday !" We can also read "such house-warming" "much wow"

The final result !

The dog says :"Cool, a new house ! Do we plan a small BIG L.A.N. for a party ? A game of Age of Empires ? Happy birthday !"
We can also read "such house-warming" "much wow".

I added to the illustration the fact that he enjoys playing Age of Empires II, and I also made a reference to the meme of  the Doge "such ... much..." 😀

I used a half-sheet of Canson paper of 180g/m², which is thick but not too much because it is not watercolor. It is also the reason why I made a test on a small piece of this paper : I wanted to check that the brushpens will not pass through the paper.

Colored brushpens are from brand Tomaxis, and black pens and brushpen are from Pigma Micron

I bought a long time ago the set of black pens and brushpen Pigma Micron in art shop at 12,95€ (cheaper than on Amazon !), and the brushpens set on Amazon. I used them a lot for my bullet journal series.


It was a while since I haven't drawn for birthday cards ! I missed that, I love making hyper customized illustrations ! 😊
(have you seen my Deadpool card ?)

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