Musical discoveries, september 2022

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Would you like a little bit of music? Let's go!

I take some time again to listen to music, so I wanted to share my discoveries with you (and pin my favourites!).


  1. Spiritbox - "Rule of Nines"
  2. Electric Callboy - "Hypa Hypa"
  3. Wagakki Band & Amy Lee "Sakura Rising"
  4. Wagakki Band & Amy Lee - "Bring Me To Life"
  5. BlackPink - "Pink Venom"
  6. CL - "Tie a Cherry"
  7. Bebe Rexha avec Yeji et Ryuji (ITZY) - "Break My Heart Myself"


Spiritbox - "Rule of Nines"

I found this video a while ago, but I wanted to start with a metal or even a djent song.


Electric Callboy - "Hypa Hypa"

Next, I think that "party metal" is the best description for this song of Electric Callboy. The melody and the music are fun, and the lyrics are worthy of a summer hit. It's perfect for a moshpit with friends at a party.


Wagakki Band & Amy Lee "Sakura Rising"

We keep going with metal sons, but let's go on another continent, with the japanese metal of Wagakki Band, who has made two sons with Amy Lee, Evanescence, singer.


Wagakki Band & Amy Lee - "Bring Me To Life" (one of the Evanescence's single rearranged by Wagakki Band, withAmy Lee)


BLACKPINK - "Pink Venom"

Keeping a dark ambiance, we switch from metal to kpop. "Pink Venom", released in august, is the last single of BLACKPINK. I was really excited about this music video because I really enjoyed the teaser they published a few days before. I hate the chorus, but I love the rest of the song ๐Ÿ˜‚


CL - "Tie a Cherry"

CL, the leader of the former band 2ne1, "two n e one", for "to anyone"), made a comeback last year, and I discovered recently "Tie a Cherry". I you have never watched a CL video or a 2ne1 video (shout out to "I am the best"), you may be surprise about the colors and her way to play with fashion. I really like her style, because she often wears spikes (seriously, there is almost as much spikes in the beginning of  "I am the best" as in a black metal video ๐Ÿ˜‚).

Speaking of the music, I find it catchy and I listen to this song really often.


Bebe Rexha avec Yeji et Ryuji (ITZY) - "Break My Heart Myself"

Thanks to the mix of a streaming platform, I discovered "Break My Heart Myself", by Bebe Rexha featuring Yeji and Ryujin from the kpop band ITZY. This version of the song would not have existed if Yeji and Ryujin had not made an amazing dance "cover" on the orginal song of Bebe Rexha, reaching 34 millions of views, whereas the video of the original song has "only" 12 ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
The original is nice, but the trio version is really better (IMHO ๐Ÿ˜), and I can listen to it on repeat when I work.

Are you surprised about my eclectic selection? Did you knew some songs, have you discovered songs? Tell me in the comments ๐Ÿ˜Š


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