ENEMY (Imagine Dragons, Arcane League of Legends) Vocal & Bass cover

How can an illustrator make a musical cover of a song instead of a fanart of the main character? Here's why.

I love the songs of League of Legends. When "Get Jinxed" came out, 8 years ago, I found this song really cool, and I made a cover with the band I sang with at that time. Did you expect some archive of my singing ? 😁


Nowadays, I can't find a band, but I still want (and need) to play music.

And last year, when Arcane, League of Legends' show on Netflix, featured a catchy song of Imagine Dragons, I knew I could do a bass and vocal cover.

And here is the result!

It took me many tries to know how to record my voice with my microphone and my audio interface. The slap of the bass clipped sometimes, I'm a little bit passionate when I slap 😅
It also took me a really long time to decide which camera to buy. At first I thought I would not like editing the video, but I discovered I actually liked it 😁

In order to put a timeline, Arcane came out on Netflix around November 2021, I recorded the bass and the vocals December 2021, and I only ordered and received my GoPro in September 2022! I filmed and edited the video last week, so October 2022. Almost a year from the idea to the final result! And this video had only 2 characters (Jinx and Vi) (two outfits), and a few different angles.

Future videos will not take as long as this one from idea to realization. Yes, I plan to make more videos, because I am proud of the final result, and I want to make more. But since I do all of the reharsals, recording, audio editing, cosplay, filming, video editing all by myself, it will still take time.

Even if I already recorded some parts for future videos, I have to practice different instruments, and I want to learn how to write drums on a software like Hydrogen (I definitely can't have drums at my place 😂). Each musical part will need a separate filming, and maybe a separate outfit.

I may be a little bit ambitious! But it was a time where when I watched covers on Youtube, I was sad or even jealous. Jealous of what, if I didn't try it myself? Now I just want to improve my sound and the video creation, because I love making covers with my style!

Now you know why my pseudo is Petit Lutin artist, and not "illustrator"! 😉

Stay tuned...


Ah, and what I used:

Bass : Squier jaguar bass
Effects pedal : Zoom 506II Bass
Audio Interface : Scarlet 2i2
Microphone : Audio-Tecnica AT2020
Camera : GoPro Hero 6 Black (refurbished)
Audio software : Audacity
Video software : Kdenlive

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