Musical discoveries, October 2022

Let's go for this month musical discoveries!


  1. VoicePlay & Elizabeth Garozzo - "In The Hall Of The Mountain King"
  2. VoicePlay & Lauren Paley - "Hide And Seek (Ding Dong"
  3. Petit Lutin - "Enemy"
  4. VoicePlay & AleXa - "Enemy"
  5. AleXa - "Wonderland (live)"
  6. AleXa - Do Or Die
  7. Epica & Fleshgod Apocalypse - "The Great Tribulation"
  8. The Agonist - "Immaculate Deception"
  9. Lacuna Coil - "Swamped XX"
  10. Lacuna Coil - "Tight Rope XX"
  11. BLACKPINK - "Shut Down"
  12. (G)-IDLE - "Nxde"
  13. Mamamoo - "ILLELA"
  14. Stray Kids - "CASE 143"
  15. Stray Kids - "Give Me Your TMI"
  16. Icon For Hire - "Gatekeepers"
  17. Icon For Hire - "Ready For Combat"

VoicePlay's Halloween songs

Every year, VoicePlay does amazing covers with beautiful costumes for Halloween. If you haven't seen it, go check their cover of Oogie Boogie song, from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" 😉


My cover of Enemy (Imagine Dragons) !

VoicePlay also has done a beautiful cover of this song , but just before showing it to you, I wanted to present to you (again) my cover of Enemy (originally performed by Imagine Dragons)! It's my first musical video, and I did all the recording and I explained the backstage in this blog post.

VoicePlay & AleXa - "Enemy (Imagine Dragons)"

And while I was editing my video, I did THE thing that must not be done by all artists who make a fan art or a cover : I searched on Youtube how other artists performed on their fan art or covers. I was happy to discover the VoicePlay cover, which is a featuring with AleXa, who, while being American, is a kpop artist! (And unlike me, she has real blue hair 😅)

AleXa - "Wonderland (live)", "Do Or Die"

I digged a little bit AleXa's song, and I discovered her new single, "Wonderland". I  included a live version below. There are maybe two sentences that she doesn't sing live ("But I know how these things work out / Fun to believe, but they always leave"), but I feel like she really sings all the other sentences. Since this song is pretty fast and the choreography really energetic, it is quite impressive.

I already knew "Do Or Die", but here is the video for those of you that enjoy the futuristic/cybergoth ambiances.


Epica & Fleshgod Apocalypse - "The Great Tribulation"

Let's move away from kpop, and switch to metal. I have listened to Epica for more than a decade now, and even if I don't appreciate everything in their recent music, I really liked this song below.

The Agonist - "Immaculate Deception"

Of the last songs of The Agonist, that I listened a few time before seeing them live! 😍 I'll write a separate blog post on this topic.

BLACKPINK - "Shut Down"

I had no intention to put this song on the list, because I find it not great, and also because I already put some BLACKPINK in the list of the previous month. But I still have something to say about this song : do you hear the violin which plays repeatedly ? When a musical pattern is repeated like this, it is called an ostinato. But the melody is actually from a well-known musical piece, it is La Campanella, a piano piece written by the composer Lizst! So I included "Shut Down" by BLACKPINK in this list because there is La Campanella as an ostinato inside 😎


(G)-IDLE - "Nxde"

I was really impatient about the new single of (G)-IDLE, my favourite kpop group, especially because CUBE, their company, had published teasers for two weeks. I really like the result (contrary to Pink Venom). There is a clear reference to Marilyn Monroe (Yuqi is dressed and styled like her), but I also find a reference to Carmen on the chorus :  "Why... you think that about nude ? 'Cause your view's so rude / Think outside the box / Then you'll like it" but maybe it's a little bit exaggerated...  ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Mamamoo - "ILLELA"

What can I do if another girlsgroup that I stan (=support, love) has also released a single at the same time ? 😁

Stray Kids - "CASE 143", "Give Me Your TMI"

It is really new that I listen to kpop boysbands. I started with Stray Kids (with Maniac and Thunderous). They released two new songs recently : "Give Me Your TMI" and "CASE 143", where movies lovers will recognize more references to The Shining that I did. I have never watched the movie, but I recognized the tapestry and I remembered the title started with an S, I had to search "movie kubrik tapestry twins" in order to find the title 😂


Lacuna Coil - "Swamped XX", "Tight Rope XX"

For the 20 year anniversary of their album Comalies, Lacuna Coil re-recorded and rearranged the songs of this album to make a new version of it, Comalies XX. 20 years, damned, I guess we're old 😅


Icon For Hire - "Gatekeepers", "Ready For Combat"

Last but not least, here are two songs of Icon For Hire, mix of rock/metal, pop  and electro. Their last single is "Gatekeepers", and I also discovered and enjoyed a less recent song of them, "Ready For Combat".


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