HotPanda #66, august 2023: the bubble tea

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Webcomic. The first panel is colorful: Lexie, a tiny fairy with green skin and purple wings, is taking her bath in a greeny water with pink bubbles. Second panel, she is flying from the 'bathtub' and we see on the foreground that she actually bathed in a bubble tea. Third panel, in black and white, Petit Lutin, stunned, says "Lexie took her bath in my bubble tea..." and Moustache, the horny panda, says "Awesome, we will sell her bathwater !"

Now you know what was inside Lexie's bath, which the full illustration is a wallpaper available at your price on my shop 🧚

Maybe if you saw my little video game of creation of bubble tea, you may had some clue about it, especially because of the similar colors palette 😄

Here, Lexie, my tiny fairy under CC-BY-SA licence, only took a bath in a bubble tea, but Moustache the horny panda saw an opportunity to make money...

References : female influencers who sold their bathwater at really high price, such as Belle Delphine (The Guardian) or Ruby Nikara (Yahoo news).


Since I was late for this episode, I thought it would be already a little bit cold to really enjoy a bubble tea... I wasn't planning it would be so hot and humid!shiba choqué When is autumn coming?! What weather do you have where you live?

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Lexie the tiny fairy with green skin and purple wings is taking a bath in a bubble tea.
Wallpaper "The bath of the fairy"
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