The bath of the fairy

A tiny fairy with green skin and purple wings is taking a relaxing bath in a green water with purple bubbles. The background is in pastel colors.

Here's a new illustration of Lexie, my fairy under CC-BY-SA licence. I made my first illustration with this character last year, in a different art style, more like a sketch with digital watercolor (see Lexie the fairy).

I wanted to create a new wallpaper for my screen, in order to change the old one that I had on my Windows computer.
My old laptop with Ubuntu does have more recent ones, "the spring for Moustache and Symphonie" as the internal screen, and "How to dragon your train" on my external monitor.

Same illustration of the fairy but with more background behind her, so it's a landscape shape and not a square

The wallpaper is available at the price you want or can (starting from €0) on the shop 🧚

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Lexie the tiny fairy with green skin and purple wings is taking a bath in a bubble tea.
Wallpaper "The bath of the fairy"
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