HotPanda #58, december 2022 : the boyfriend

HotPanda, content for mature pandas !




I don't often talk about my sentimental life, but this was the occasion to make an episode of HotPandas, then...



Moustache, the panda, is curious, and asks Petit Lutin "Don't you miss having a boyfriend ?" She replies "I get no time for this. I want customers, not a boyfriend!"




But she forgot that Moustache is a horny panda. This is the HotPandas episodes are all about. So Moustache is confused but amused, and he asks : "You... what?"




Zoom on Petit Lutin's eyes : she is really grumpy. She's frowning.








She still finds the patience to reply "For my art. My illustrations, products on my shop".




Moustache says "Oh", a little bit disappointed.



What shall we do with a horny Moustache... 🎵

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Symphonie, a long hair cat is rolling on her back in a green field with yellow flowers, and Moustache the panda is sitting next to her. He's holding a purple butterfly. A dove is flying near them.
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Petit Lutin and Moustache the panda are gardening
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