A sick Christmas

I had a big cold that exhausted me recently, so I wanted to try different things to be able to quickly draw some anecdotes that would be interesting.

My tools:

  • - sketchbook
  • - blue pencil for building shapes
  • - grey pencil for lineart
  • - soft eraser
  • - tablet Samsung GalaxyTab S7 with Krita

Quand le rhume m'a "mis la fièvre" (when the cold got me fever, like in an NTM song)

English: I am laying in bed, sick, with Symphonie, my lovely fluffy norweggian forest cat next to my pillow. She is in a peaceful position. My hair is a mess and a drop is escaping my nose. Moustache the panda is ringing me a big cup of hot decaffeinated coffee. I wish you to have a loving pet and/or someone to help you when you're sick.  Français: Je suis au lit, malade, et Symphonie, mon adorable chatte des forêts norvégiennes - aux poils longs - est allongée près de mon oreiller. J'ai les cheveux en pétard parce qu'ils ne ressemblent à rien, et une goutte de morve court pour s'échapper de mon nez. Moustache le panda m'apporte une grande tasse de café décaféiné bien chaud. Être entourée d'un animal de compagnie et/ou de nos proches fait vraiment la différence quand on est malade, j'espère que vous ne serez pas trop seules.

My favourite brush on Krita for desktop behaves differently on my Android device, because the pressure of the stylus is handled differently (I had made a demonstration video about this). I tried another one, and though the strokes are a little bit hesitating, I feel better with it now.

This short scene represents the moment where I was at the lowest, with fever, and that Symphonie, my lovely fluffy cat came close to me, as if she tried to heal me.

When Symphonie thinks I sneeze way too loud

English: Symphonie, the fluffy cat is laying above a small piece of furniture. Her big fluffy tail is vertical. I'm about to sneeze (aaah-).   Français : Symphonie, le chat fluffy, est posée sur un petit meuble. Sa grande queue touffue est droite et enroulée comme celle d'un écureuil. Je vais éternuer (aaaa-). English: CHOOOO! I sneezed so loudly that the cat was afraid, she is running way!  Français: TCHOUM! J'éternue si fort que ça fait peur au chat, qui s'enfuie du meuble.

I was looking out for a way to draw myself quicker and easier, but I think I look like a Christmas elf in this comic strip. I don't think I really look like myself, or at leat this is not the way I want to present myself to the world. Yes, my pen name is Petit Lutin (tiny elf in french), but I want to look less childhish.

In this strip, I already felt better - I was out of bed -, but my hair still look terrible! 😅

The traditional Christmas family picture but everyone is sick


initial sketch English: a black and white illustration looking like a polaroid photo, made with pencil paper. In the background, a Christmas tree with decorations. Symphonie, the long haired cat is chewing one of the branches. There are some wrapped gifts on the floor. On the foreground, I and Moustache the panda are posing for a photography. But we are both sick: I am blowing my nose in a tissue, and a huuuge drop of snots is escaping Moustache nose. His design is inspired by the Pokémon Cupchoo, a bear which has a cold.  Français: une illustration en noir et blanc qui imite une photo de polaroid. En arrière-plan, un sapin de Noël décoré avec des cadeaux emballés à ses pieds. Symphonie, le chat à poils longs, est en train de machouiller une branche basse. Au premier plan, Moustache le panda qui porte un bonnet de Noël, et Petit Lutin devant lui essaient de poser pour une photo. Mais nous sommes tous les 2 malades : je me mouche dans un mouchoir, et lui a une énorme goutte de morve qui lui pend du nez (son design est inspiré du Pokémon Polarhume, un petit ours qui a une goutte de morve presque aussi grande que lui).

With the two previous illustrations, I had the confirmation that I needed a detailed sketch before making final lineart on Krita, and liking the final result. But what if I did not traced a lineart in Krita? What if I stopped at the sketch stage, making a really detailed and polish one? This is what I tried to do here. It enabled me to focus on the composition, and not waste time and energy on being grumpy because I did not achieve the perfect "inking" in Krita.

I first built my sketch with my blue pencil, and I traced over with the grey one. I took a picture of it, and adjusted the filters in Krita in order to remove all the blue, but this made the texture of the paper more visible. I corrected some details by earasing (pun intended) what I thought was wrong and I added strokes with the brush pencil.Though this brush was made for sketching, it does not fit me for this use, but it's perfect to recreate fake pencil. I also added shades of black and grey on Moustache and Symphonie, in order to give them a more fluffy aspect..

For Moustache, the panda with a drop of snot, I was inspired by Cubchoo's design,  which is a Pokémon with an even bigger drop from his nose. And yes, Symphonie, the norwegian forest cat, is chewing a branch of the tree, because she thinks it's fun  😂

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