Musical discoveries, November 2022

kpop and metal

  1. NMIXX - "DICE"
  2. Purple Kiss - "Nerdy"
  3. Dreamcatcher - "Vision"
  4. Upon A Burning Body "Extermination"
  5. Motionless In White - "Soft"
  6. System Of A Down - "Sugar"
  7. Bonus : Carmen in (G)-Idle - "Nxde"


During my kpop lesson, the teacher asked us suggestions on what music we should dance next. One of the girls suggested "DICE" by NMIXX, and I did not know what it was. It appeared in my Youtube recommendations so I thought I should give it a try. Oh woah!
First of all, look at the thumbnail : the purple die in her hand is not a 1d6 (a 6 sides die), but a 1d20 (same logic in the notation, a die with 20 sides) ! And it's purple. I love that. And yeah, for those of you who know this way of naming dice, I used to play RPG,and for a Dongeons & Dragons game I had a gnome called Petit Lutin (so original) which was an druidess and I had a panda or a huge cat as a pet. 

The music video is really inspired by Alice in wonderland, with the vivid colors, and also because of the appearance of the Cheshire Cat. I also put the static video of this choreography because I find it really nice and satisfying.


Purple Kiss - "Nerdy"

A slight touch of Addams family, and a really cool song about the pride of being nerd. When did wearing glasses and having good grades even become an insult?


Dreamcatcher - "Vision"

I could write a full article on this band because they have a really unique style (both visual and musical). Here is their latest single, and I call play it repeatedly.

Upon A Burning Body "Extermination" & Motionless In White - "Soft"

I sometimes watches Réels on Instagram, which are really shorts videos on the same model as TikTok. A music is used by many people, and sometimes they do really different things, sometimes the concept is the same for every people.

Upon A Burning Body "Extermination" is known for the sentence "Save your pity for the weak !" in the intro. I saw a video of a woman who lifted her couch upstairs in her own (really impressive, by the way). I've seen in majority women or disabled people using this sound.
About the music, I do find the beginning catchy, but I am not fond of the writing of the lyrics.

Motionless In White - "Soft" is known for the sentence "You're mine, motherfucker !" in the intro. People use this sentence for showing them when get home and vigorously kiss their pet. Though it's cute, passed the surprise, and after the 5th video made in the same way, it's a little bit annoying.
Concerning the music, I had listened to some songs of this band before, but never really dug into it. I played their most popular songs on Spotify the other day without even noticing it, I guess I really like this band now :)


System Of A Down - "Sugar"

And there we have creative Réels based on a metal song, near the end at 2:41. The known moment is when the lyrics are "I sit in my desolate room. No light? No music ? JUST HANGER! I've killed everyone. I'm away forever. But I'm feeling better!".


I've never been a huge fan of SOAD but I was happily surprised that their music was trending.

Bonus : Carmen in (G)-Idle "Nxde"

I wrote in my October 2022 musical discoveries that "Nxde" from (G)-Idle reminded me of the Carmen opera. Look at this live below, and in the beginning, at 0:39, what do we have? Carmen! I knew it 😁


Little game for you : I hid 3 songs names or references of this article on the below illustration. Will you find them?

It's a rather dark vision of the world, almost apocalyptic. A skyscraper, well vertical at first, is now leaning, looking like the Pisa tower. Some purple smoke is tearing the green sky, and the building is abandoned, in ruins. On the foreground, there is a pair of glasses, they are broken. There are also two purple dice.

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