HotPanda #63, may 2023: the joysticks

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Petit Lutin is sitting at her computer desk. She receives an email whose the preview is "Order confirmation: your pair of hand...". Moustache, the panda, who was passing by, reads this notification.













Joking, Moustache stops near Petit Lutin and tells her:"Ah-ha! You ordered a pair of handcuffs, right ?!" Petit Lutin stops smiling, and she closes her eyes.












She replies:"it's Joycons, Moustache, joysticks with handstraps!" Moustache, really deceived, says "Heck !",


In french, manettes (joysticks) is really close to menottes (handcuffs), so I tried my best to translate this! I hope this works!

The origin of this episode is that I did order additional Joycon (Nintendo Switch joysticks with handstraps), in order to be able to play at Mario Kart in multiplayer 😅


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