Belette Journal : Plan With Me July 2023, minimalist as always

the weasel of the belette journal
Belette Journal, Petit Lutin's bullet journal!


It has been a while since I hadn't posted a Belette Journal article (in french only for now, but you still can find inspiration)... the last one is from april 2021, when I created a free blank coloring page to download😊 🌺

When I started bulletjournaling - if that's a word -, it was both for organizing myself and drawing more on paper. I precise "on paper" because drafts excepted, I draw mainly on tablet with Krita. I dropped the "nice decoration part" a long time ago, and I even stopped the bujo  at one point (bujo is a shorter word for bullet journal). Still, I had prepared some months in my notebook but I hadn't posted them (such as last december), because I didn't find anything new to show you.

But many things happen that made me less consistent on the blog, along with the fact that I spent much time on computer.

The urge to go back on paper

Even if I write weekly todo-lists on spare paper, they often mix personal stuff with blog stuff, and the blog stuff is often canceled because I don't have the energy to do everything. I write my ideas for the blog and my illustrations on different devices (white board, papers, softwares), but I needed to go back to a weekly organization, with a different presentation. Moreover, writing on paper brings more rest for my eyes than watching another screen, and I really felt good after spending only 30min for my 2023 and july setup in my bullet journal.

Let's go for my minimalist and lazy bullet journal, because it's my organizing tool.

You can click on all photos to enlarge them.

Spreadpage for 2023

spreadpage for my 2023 setup in my bullet journal. on the right page, there's an illustration of a weasel above a notebook :it's a pun between the english 'bullet' and the french 'belette' because it sounds similar. I write 2023 above the illustration

First things first, the notebook. it's the Quo Vadis one that I had started for two years 😅
For this spreadpage, I just printed my Belette Journal logo, the cute weasel above a notebook, to honor my french pun between the english word "bullet" and the french one "belette" (which means "weasel"). I created this logo for my very first Plan With Me article, in march 2019. I just drew the "2023" above the illustration with pen, that I colored with two Tombow brushpens.

Goals, success and discoveries of 2023

spreadpage of goals on the left page, and success and discoveries on the right page

The advantage of starting a bullet journal in the middle of the year (or if you migrate your previous bujo on a new notebook) is that you already have things to write into your discoveries section, if you make one. For me, it's the afro dancehall, a type of dance pretty energetic that enables me to move my body andpush away stress :)

And for styling the goals and success and discoveries, I created cards with round borders, and a dropshadow that reminds a little bit the thumbnails of the articles of the blog :)


Monthly log

july calendar

Nothing original here, I only use one pen and two brushpens 😉

The master monthly to-do list, and the first week-end

a big to-do list for the month, with the first week-end of the month

This huge to-do list on the elft page is for the blog, she miiight be a little bit ambitious. But if I oranize myself a little bit better, I may post my late articles on the blog. The right to-do list is for personal stuff (and if you want to know, my cat Symphonie has well eaten her vermifuge 😂).


The weekly log, so here is the first full week

first full week of july

Not much fancy stuff, just a global view of the month, and a spreadpage with room to write things under each day.

I wanted to publish this article to show you that yes, you can start a bullet journal right in the middle of the year, no, you don't have to decorate it, and don't bother too much about the uneven lines and crossing-outs, that happens all the time! 😉

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