Musical discoveries, april 2023

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  1. The Last Waves
  2. ICHILLING - 'Alarm'
  3. Aespa - 'Hold on tight'
  4. Radwimps & Toaka - 'Suzume'

The Last Waves

Let's start with a french darkwave band, which takes their influence from the 80's music like The Cure but with female vocals : The Last Wave.

I discovered them by chance, because they were looking for their new singer, and I applied for this! They finally chose another singer, but playing with them was a great experience so they deserve appearing in this article :)

And since I only post now my musical discoveries of april, I can share my photos of when I saw them live for the "music fest", which takes places every year on 21st June in France!

You can click to enlarge the photos.

I liked the framing of the last photo, but I wanted to add some contrast and some effects of 'old video', in order to match the band aesthetic. So I edited it!

What do you think? 😊

You can find their discography on Bandcamp.

ICHILLIN - 'Alarm'

Switching from darkwave to kpop, and I will talk about Dreamcatcher, again. Dreamcatcher is for me the most symphonic metal band of kpop, and I share their songs often. My discovery is not about a new song from them, my discovery is about another song that looks like one of their song, Piri. Yes, again.

This time, it's not the pre-chorus which feels the same, but just the whole theme. Yes. When I first heard the song, I thought it was a remix of Piri and not an 'original' song. I guess both Dreamcatcher and ICHILLING may have bought the flute sample, but still...

Aespa - 'Hold On Tight'

Another kpop song with a theme that you might have heard before, just like 'Are you sleeping (brother John) ?'. This time, it's the traditional russian music, Korobeïniki, made popular by Tetris, that was the inspiration of Aespa 'Hold On Tight'.

Aespa - "Hold On Tight" 📹
aperçu du clip de Hold on tight

Radwimps & Toaka - 'Suzume'

And finally, I went to the inema, and I watched Suzume, a japanese motion picture which amazed me, and my eyes, and my ears. I love the main song of the film that we hear from the very start, and during the credits.

Radwimps & Toaka - "Suzume" 📹
aperçu de Suzume

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