HotPanda #65, july 2023: the Decathlon lamp

HotPanda #65, july 2023: the Decathlon lamp
HotPanda, contenu pour Pand'Avertis ! 💜


Same as last year:it was so hot inside due to the heat wave that I reduced my use of the computer, hence several posts are late. Here it is the HotPanda of july, with a template of comics, I hope you like it 🙂

As usual, you can click on pictures to enlarge them.


HotPanda, comic template 1 : I bought a camping lamp at Decathlon. I use it as a flashlight on summer when my windows are opened and that I don't want to attract too many insects inside. It has several lighting modes: red (soft), white (medium), white (intense). I mostly use the first two. Moustache the panda is smiling at me and says "Hey Petit Lutin, your lamp makes me think of Amsterdam, huhu!"



HotPanda, comic template 2 : Petit Lutin, a little bit pissed, holding the lamp, puts her arm above her head and sings "Rooooxanne! You don't have to put on the red light!", the song from the band The Police. She says, while replacing her hand down, "I was so SURE that you would say something like this, Moustache!" He replies "huhu" while smiling.


  1. - my Decathlon lamp BL100 : I'm not sponsored, and this is not a affiliated link - hi Decathlon if you want to work with me 😊
  2. - Red Light District, Wikipedia 📖
  3. - The Police - "Roxanne", Youtube 🎵

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