Musical discoveries, july 2023

Time for my musical discoveries of july! Here's a quick summary of the rest of the post: metal (pretty much), a video clip made with AI, some rock (I guess?) and pop with an artist who is my favourite discovery of the month.

  1. - Amaranthe - "Damnation Flame", a video clip made with AI
  2. - Rina Sawayama πŸ’œ favourite of the month : "STFU!", "Frankenstein", "This Hell", "XS"...
  3. - In This Moment - "I Would Die For You",  "The Purge"
  4. - Eleine - "We Shall Remain"
  5. - Illumishade - "Enemy"
  6. - Lacey Sturm - "Reconcile"

Amaranthe - "Damnation Flame"

I already talked about Amaranthe in a previous article, and I am even surprised I haven't talked about them more, because often listen to their music. "Damnation Flame" is a single made with their new singer specialized in harsh vocals, Mikael Sehlin, and the video clip has a gothic ambiance, with a "vampires ball".

From time to time, musicians and extras are changed into skeletons thanks to special effects... Well, it was what I thought.

I was really confused about the skeleton version of Elyze Ryd, the female singer, because this version was way skinnier than her, almost like a kpop idol. Moreover, the skeleton face did not look like hers. It was really weird because I did not see such a big difference between the other musicians, men, and their skeleton version.

See by youserlves:

screenshot of the clip Damnation Flame, with the singer on foreground
screenshot of the clip Damantion Flame, where the singer is changed in skeleton by AI. the skeleton version is way more skinnier than the real singer, and though the singer is caucasion, the face of the skeleton looks tinier, more asian

At 1:46. The character who was on the left of the singer, a man, has been turned into a woman by AI. You can click to enlarge the pictures.

When I showed this video to other people, I was explained why the skeleton version of Elyze was so thin compared to others: skeleton versions of musicians and dancers were made by artificial intelligence (AI), these are images made from data models. I suppose that they needed results for "female singer and dancer with a gothic or gothic lolita outfit", and that the databases only had asian pop groups...

screenshot of the clip "Damnation Flame", with the female singer on the foreground
screenshot of the clip Damantion Flame, where the singer and her back dancers are made skeletons or vampires by AI. their hands and faces are weird

And if you don't believe it was made by AI; look, the skeletons/vampires have hands drawn exactly like in the tutorial sur "How to draw hands" by David Revoy 😈

hands are placed in a non realistic ways, with wrong number of digits

Oh wow, such nice hands full of digits with weird angles!

Rina Sawayama

If you watched the movie John Wick 4, you may have seen Rina Sawayama play the character of Akira. I haven't (yet): I discovered this multidisplinary artist (singer, actress) by chance on Youtube with her song "This Hell", which celebrates LGBTQIA+ people who, according to catholic religion, should go to hell. She says "This hell is better you", because she'll go to hell too. This pop song with a bright colours video made me want to listen to other songs from her.I then discovered "Frankenstein", which, I think, deals with quite the same theme ("I don't wanna be a monster anymore"), and I was hooked by the bassline of the intro.

And finally I discovered "STFU!" ("Shut the fuck up"), with the introduction in the video allows no guess: she is reporting racism, and especially anti-asian. This song is not pop, no no, it has feaking metal riffs which matches perfectly the lyrics. 🀘

video thumbnail of "STFU!" by Rina Sawayama
This Hell πŸ“Ή
video thumbnail "This Hell" by Rina Sawayama
Frankenstein πŸ“Ή
video thumbnail of Frankenstein by Rina Sawayama
video thumbnail of "XS" by Rina Sawayama

I also put "XS" (excess) in the list, because the video is a critique of the consumption society and teleshopping. I spoke earlier about her role in John Wick 4, she had also made a song for the soundtrack, Eye For An Eye.


In This Moment

I was surprised to see that In This Moment, a metal band I listen to since their first album with "Beautiful Tragedy" (15 years already), had also made a song for John Wick 4 soundtrack, "I Would Die For You".

This is the perfection transition for my next discovery, their new song "The Purge".

Eleine - "We Shall Remain"

Let's change of type of metal we're listening to, with the new song by Eleine, which is more symphonic metal. "We Shall Remain" makes me think about some songs by Epica or After Forever, with less powerful or softer vocals.


Illumishade - "Enemy"

This song was in my Youtube suggestions. Then, I understood that it was a solo project of Fabienne Erni, the "new" singer of Eluveitie, that we can hear on the album Ategnatos, that I really enjoyed.


Lacey Sturm - "Reconcile"

Another band that marked my high school years Flyleaf. I had heard Lacey Sturm, their original singer, had made only two albums with them, and so I hadn't followed their news back then because I didn't feel the same emotions while listening to the songs with their new singer. If you needed to hear this good news: Flyleaf if reformed with Lacey Sturm. During this time, she kept making music and she made some songs in solo, with always many emotions in her lyrics and her voice.

What do you thin about the use of AI in videos, especially in musical video clips? πŸ€”

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