Musical discoveries, june 2023

Petit Lutin listening to music

  1. Halsey, SUGA - Lilith (Diablo IV Anthem)
  2. Cradle Of Filth - "She Is A Fire"
  3. BIBI - "BIBI vengeance"
  4. Chinchilla - "Little Girl Gone"

Halsey, SUGA - Lilith (Diablo IV Anthem)

With Diablo IV, the new Blizzard game behind really popular in the news right now, I was curious to hear the song they presented as their "anthem", and even more because it is named "Lilith" (who is apparently an important character in this game). Well... It's a pop song, that can fit well into a playlist of trending songs. Just listening to the song, nothing indicates it comes from a videogame, and even less a videogame with such a dark/gothic world as Diablo's. My reference with songs coming from videogames is obvisouly League of Legends, and they have epic and catchy songs.

What we have here... well...They might have taken their inspiration from Riot (the company of League of Legends) since they made a duet with Suga, a singer from BTS, one of the biggest kpop boysbands, and Riot did the same before with K/DA, making collaborations with kpop girlsgroups (and I had discovered (G)-Idle that way).

The video clip is clean, a little bit dark but not that much.

And if just like me you expected something darker, here's an alternative!


Cradle Of Filth - "She Is A Fire"

I had this clip into Youtube's recommandations, and I didn't know what to expect from it because I had seen only one clip from them, Nymphetamine, 15 years ago (and only because it was a duet with Liv Kristine).

I am not a fan of Cradle, but I enjoyed the song. And that clip! I think I expected this kind of ambiance for the Diablo's video, but for maketing purposes it woud have been difficult because of horror/blood/makeup (content warning : one actress has a split-tongue well visible in the video, it gave me some chills, if this is something that can bother you, don't watch the video).


BIBI - "BIBI vengeance"

I had heard this song into a kpop playlist, but I was not a fan of the repetitive chorus. Then I read the translation of all the lyrics. And now it's one of the latest kpop songs that I learnt to sing 😄


Chinchilla - "Little Girl Gone"

Even if we switch musical genres, it is still the same songs theme because we are still dealing with female rage with "Little Girl Gone". I can hear this sing a lot into Instagram's Reels. I don't know how to categorize this song and its musical style, but I will dare saying that we could imagine the vocals are rather close to Halestorm's. And I would not be surprised if they made a cover of it, because this song is so powerful 😄


That's it for the selection of june, always so eclectic!

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