Musical discoveries, January 2023

  1. Within Temptation - 'The Fire Within'
  2. Epica - 'Sirens - Of Blood And Water' feat. Charlotte Wessels & Myrkur
  3. Shakira - BZRP Music Sessions #53
  4. Briella - 'Solo tú (Bubbaloo)'
  5. Secret Number - 'Dangerous In Love'
  6. Secret Number - 'Doomchita'
  7. Halestorm - 'Wicked Ways (live)'


Within Temptation - 'The Fire Within'

I don't listen to Within Temptation as much as I used to when I was at high school, but this song is really catchy. It reminds me one of their other recent singles, 'Raise Your Banner'. I think it should render well in live.


Epica - 'Sirens - Of Blood And Water' feat. Charlotte Wessels & Myrkur

This songs tells the story of the Little Mermaid, with a different ending from the Disney version. It inspired me to make the illustration below.

Digital illustration of a beach of sand, and a dark sea.  On the foreground, a dagger stained with blood on the blade and on the handle is on the sand. The blood has bled on the sand, and there is a blood trace in the sea. On the middleground, the blood trace leads to a siren, whose we only see the end of the tail because she's diving into the sea. The background is a navy blue sky. Not much moonlight that night.
Creative Commons License

I already mentioned a song from this album in my Musical discoveries, October 2022, I think I should just listen to the whole album now 😂


Shakira - BZRP Music Sessions #53 / Briella - 'Solo tú (Bubbaloo)'

Now that I got your attention by starting this post with some symphonic metal, it's time for me to reveal you that Shakira is a singer I listen to a lot. Recently, she made a collaboration with Bizarrap, about her breakup. I actually did not search for this song, nor did I expect that it caused some buzz. Indeed, one of the melodies is really close to the chorus of another song released 6 months before. I let you judge.


Thanks to Newpipe recommendations, I came accross this video that explains that if the songs have similarities, it is because of music theory, scales, and intervals used. I do not speak spanish but the examples provided are really helpful. I have to say that recovering this video on Youtube was such a nightmare that I finally sent myself the link by email.

I don't remember exactly under which video I found a comment pointing out the fact that a kpop group also used the mentioned intervals. And here there is a brilliant transition with the next songs 😇 By the way, I'm aware that many songs may also have the same intervals.


Secret Number - 'Dangerous In Love' / Secret Number - 'Doomchita'

'Dangerous In Love' contains the same intervals as above, in the chorus, in a subtle way. But the song I kept playing recently is 'Doomchita'. In fact, I listened to it while writing my last article, My reflections about social media, and why I launch my newsletter.


'Doomchita' has quite a Blackpink vibe, it's catchy like DDU-DU DDU-DU.


Halestorm - 'Wicked Ways (live)'

Though I was not a big fan of the latest Halestorm singles, I do admit that they have another dimension when played live. Halestorm is one of my favourite bands, and I had the luck to see them playing live when they were touring in France. They're always full of energy, and even the most 'boring' song on CD can become a banger in live. Have a moment enjoying this live below 😊

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