Musical discoveries, march 2023

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  1. NMIXX - 'Young Dumb Stupid'
  2. Pink Fantasy - 'Poison'
  3. Karkaos - favorite of the month
  4. MAMAMOO+ - 'Chico Malo'
  5. Bonus : album covers parodies

NMIXX - 'Young, Dumb, Stupid'

I really liked their song 'DICE' with the colorful video, so curiosity made me click on their new song. it's fresh and sweet, but go listening at 0:56. Come on, sing with the song: "Are you sleeping, are you sleeping, brother John?" They even kept the "Ding Dang Dong" 😂


Pink Fantasy - 'Poison'

I often describe my musical discoveries articles like a mix of metal and kpop. Dreamcatcher, though beoing classified in kpop, has a huge metal influence.

Until now, I thought that Dreamcatcher was the most 'symphonic metal' band of kpop, and I even wanted to write a full article about it. But since the moment I've had the idea, and now, new bands have appeared. I thought it was great, because I love digging new bands.

These new bands are either inspired by the metal influence, either by the fantasy, or dark side of Dreamcatcher. Pink Fantasy is one of these bands, inspired by the metal influence.

But I have a problem with their song 'Poison'. It's a good song, and the video is beautiful, and I not even that surprised to hear some pseudo-growl in a kpop song but... A slight part of the chorus is looking like way too much to a Dreamcatcher song! Let's put the song side by side so you can compare: listen to 'Poison' from Pink fantasy at 0:38, and "PIRI" from Dreamcatcher at 0:40.


Whereas I was not sure about plagiarism in the Shakira song made with BZRP, I think the resemblance if pretty strong here. Even more when both bands are evolving in the same musical genre (and sub-genre). Maybe it's only a reference, for them marking their influence. What do you think about this? Am I the only one shocked? 😅


Karkaos - favorite of the month

I was tidying up my CD the other day, and I ran into Kittie albums I bought secondhand 5 years ago. I really liked this band when I was in high school, and I watched again some of their videos.

That's an old video when the best quality is 240p, a.k.a. 'toaster' quality 😂

I was wandering what this band had become, and I read a Youtube comment saying that Morgan Lander, the singer, had joined the band Karkaos.

Karkaos is melodic death metal band, with two albums. Each album has different singer, and there is still no album with Morgan. I have some issue with the voice of  Veronica O. Rodriguezon their first album, Empire, but I really love the voice of Viky Boyer, on their second album, Children of the Void. I feel like listening to unpublished songs from The Agonist 💜

Funny thing, Morgan Lander did a featuring in Kolossòs, a song of this album.


You can find their music on bandcamp.

MAMAMOO+ - 'Chico Malo'

The video is gorgeous and the song is pretty cool. But at the beginning, I hadn't understood that it was a song from MAMAMOO+, one of MAMAMOO's side-projects, and not MAMAMOO as the whole band. So the first time I watched the video I kept thinking :'Where's Hwasa? They wouldn't have fired Hwasa, would they?' 😅 No no, it's just a different band, with only two of the four members of MAMAMOO: Moonbyul and Solar.

Bonus : album covers parodies (french politics and retirement reform)

If you watch the international news -by your way of choice-, you may have seen riot photos in France these last weeks months. David Revoy made some album covers parodies about it.

Parody of the eponym album of Rage Against The Machine, by David Revoy, from a photo of Charles de Lacombe - CC-BY-SA

Album cover parody of Led Zeppelin (the pun in french is that "laide réforme" means 'ugly reform'), by David Revoy, from a photo of Charles de Lacombe - CC-BY-SA


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