Toss a COIN to Framasoft

Back in october, Framasoft launched their donations campaign for their 2023 roadmap : Collectivisons Internet - Convivialisons Internet 🦆🦆. Beautifully illustrated by David Revoy, they played the pun even farther because there was an Easter Egg with a duck. If you read the first two letters of each word of the campaign, it's "co in co in" which makes "coin coin", the sound of ducks. Here's why all the ducks (yeah in France the ducks don't "qwack", they say "coin coin", but not pronounced like the english "coin". What a "pain", huh?)

I had made the following pun on framapiaf, their Mastodon instance :  "Toss a COIN to Framasoft". It's where is my Fediverse account and I toot from there.

It was a pun refering to the Netflix series, The Witcher, "Toss a coin to your witcher", and in the illustration I'm tossing a duck saying "COIN".

Thanks to Framasoft, I discovered the Fediverse, and Mastodon is my favourite social media. I have been there for 3 years now, and I'm also grateful for Peertube. I then made a donation to them.

So, it was a good occasion for me to make an illustration with all the mascots depicted in the illustration campaign.
From left to right, and up and down: Tux, Linux's penguin, a red cat looking like Carrot (from Pepper & Carrot) for the C.H.A.T.O.N.S. (another french pun, "chatons" means "kittens", Rȯse, Mobilizon's mascot, Sepia, with Peertube, the Yakforms' yak, and GNU.

Français: illustration numérique painte façon aquarelle. A gauche, (je) Petit Lutin lance un canard joyeux dans les airs pour le faire s'envoler. Il porte une médaille autour du cou et il dit très fort"COIN !". Il vole vers Sepia (mascotte de Peertube), GNU, le Yack de Yakforms, Tux, un chat roux qui ressemble à Carrot pour les CHATONS (pardon David je l'ai un peu raté), et Rȯse, la mascotte de Mobilizon. Tout le monde sourit. Il y a un dégradé dans le ciel : à gauche c'est nuageux, et plus on se rapproche des joyeuses mascottes et plus le ciel se dégage et devient bleu !  English: digital watercolor illustration. On the left, I, Petit Lutin, throw a duck to the sky to make him fly. He is happy, he wears a medal with the euro symbol and he says the french qwack which is "coin". He is flying to Sepia, Peertube's mascot, the Yakforms' mascot, GNU, Tux, a red fur cat, and Rȯse, Mobilizon's mascot. Everybody's is happy. There is a color gradient in the sky: the more to the left it's cloudy and grey, the more to the right near the mascots it's a vivid blue.

Illustration CC-BY

You can download the illustration in full size by clicking on it 😊

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