HotPanda #57, november 2022 : the job interview

a blushing panda
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A little bit of context : I'm looking for a job as a web developer, but close to the place I live - however, if you need some front-end integration with your website or if you want to commission me for an illustration, feel free to write me!
I updated my résumé on different websites, and then my phone started ringing because "my profile was very interesting". I changed my career from a textiles engineer to a web developer, and it was really new to me to be receive so many phone calls. I accepted the interviews, and it's great when they are online 👌

In France, we have ESN : Entreprise de Services Numériques, which are companies who offer long-term contract to tech profiles, but not for working into these companies. These companies have deals with their clients who need tech skills for short-mid-long term instead of hiring permanent employees.
It seems that the english translation is "IT staffing agency" but if you have a more accurate wording, please let me know.
The benefit on working for this type of company seems to have the security of a permanent job, but the biggest drawback is the fact that in most case, the client's office can be really away from your home.

During a job interview as a web developer, with an IT staffing agency. The recruiter asks me if I would mind "working on UX". While he keeps talking "we have really different clients, we would understand if it was a problem for you...", an angel and a demon versions of me appear next to me. The angelic version, in pajamas, says "Working on UX, that would be amazing! Improving user experience, accessibility..." with hearts in her eyes. And the sexy panda-costumed demon version says :"You got it all wrong, you fool! He didn't say "working on UX, but "working for the X industry !" (yes, that means porno). The recruiter asks another time : "So, what do you think about this?" and I reply : "I would prefer working for a different type of industry."


Yes, this is a real anecdote from my real life, and I added the characters "angel" and "demon" for a better representation of my thoughts at that time. And these thoughts came to me really quick! I often describe the HotPandas, like this current comics as comics with puns and quiproquos, I almost did one myself, but usually I make them intentionally 😅

And yes, my "angel" version is in pajamas, and my "demon" version is kind of dressed like a goth panda-girl 😅 Since Moustache the panda is absent from this comics, I had to add a panda somewhere...

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