Lexie, the fairy

These days, I don't have time to create colored comic strips, this is why I recently started to do only black and white, as in the last HotPanda episode, the job interview. My process on this type of strips is : making the sketch on paper, scanning it or taking a picture of it, making the line art on Krita, adding the speech bubbles and the text with Inkscape. While this indeed spares me some time, you may notice that I draw the strip twice : once for the sketch, and twice with the line art. It does make a clean look for the final strip, but it also kills spontaneity or authenticity of some strokes.

I also missed the mood of my watercolor illustrations I used to do for my bullet journal (june 2019 with music, october 2019 with Halloween in GuildWars2 - my favorite of this selection-, december 2019 for Christmas). I try to draw small things every evening or so in my sketchbook, just to keep me trained. I was wondering how could I turn some of these pencil sketches into colorful illustrations.

sketch of a fairy sitting on a big mushroom. she has wings on her back, and she is looking on the left. Her long hair are tied into a bun
Meet Lexie, the fairy (above her, some tries of noses and ears)


And then I discovered a really amazing tutorial which explains exactly how to do this with Krita : How to Turn Pencil Sketch in to Digital Painting in Krita 3.

on the left, the pencil sketch on the sketchbook, on the right, the final illustration with a watercolor effect on tablet

I tried it yesterday, and Krita on Android makes it even easier. From sketching to coloring, the whole illustration took around 1h-1h30, which is rather quick. I made experiments with painting brushes I barely never use. I wanted a watercolor effect, so I chose the brushes accordingly. In order to mimic what I could do in watercolor, and hence in opposition of what I used to do when coloring digitally, I didn't fill completely the shapes, kept the contour a little bit messy, and even mixed the colors on purpose. This set me free from perfection, and I like the final result which has a fresh and a more authentic rendering.

Colored result : the fairy has a green skin, chestnut hair, grey tshirt, brown shorts, purple wings with dark puple lines and circles on them, and the mushroom on which she is sitting is red with white dots
Lexie is now in color!

The reason I also really like the result is because the colors create a cozy and playful ambiance around this fairy, and this is what I want to show. It also matches much better with my pen-name, Petit Lutin, which can be translated as "Tiny Elf", or "Tiny Gnome", or "Tiny Fairy" in French.

So, here I am, with a new character, Lexie the fairy. The spelling of her name is not definitive : I really like the "Lexi" part but I don't know how to end her name for a "fantasier" style ^^ Do you have ideas?

Unlike my other illustrations or strips (I often draw my personal life), these one will not be copyrighted! đŸŽ‰ I will write a little bit more of her background later, but with this fairy, I am willing to create stories that many people can relate. Hope you'll like it.

What do you think? 😃

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