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  1. Ignea - 'Nomad's Luck'
  2. Ad Infinitum - 'Upside Down'
  3. Falling In Reverse - 'Watch The World Burn'
  4. Vintersea, whole discography - favorite of the month
  5. Bonus : Tatiana Shmayluk (Jinjer) guesses if it's a human or an animal growling

Ignea - "Nomad's Luck"

I had discovered Ignea a few years ago with their song 'Alexandria'. I would say it is "symphonic death metal", because riffs are strong, the frontwoman often switches between clear voice and growl, and there are many traditional instruments in their songs. As a big shortcut, I would say that it's like a brawler Epica, with a lower-pitched voice 😃

It makes me really happy to see they have now a label, such as the big one who is Napalm Records. I'm also happy to still enjoying their current music, despite the war in their country, Ukraine (they released a video on of of their older songs about that, 'Magura's Last Kiss').

They're also present on bandcamp.

Ad Infinitum - "Upside Down"

Ad Infinitum is one of the many projects of the singer Melissa Bonny. With their first single, "I Am The Storm", their first album was released thanks to a crowdfunding, and they are now with Napalm Records too. Remarkable evolution!
As for their musical style, I would say that it's symphonic metal, but a little bit angry, like Kamelot with some growl. My best examples for you are "Liar Liar" by Kamelot (and Alissa White-Gluz) covered by Melissa Bonny, "I Am The Storm" their first single, and "Marching On Versailles".

Well, obviously, "Upside Down", today's song, is not in this style, but more like an Amaranthe song: it's catchy, and gives energy to move your body (with satisfying growl on the bridge,of course)! 😁

You can check Ad Infinitum's discography on bandcamp.

Falling In Reverse - "Watch The World Burn"

I heard about this song from a video of Anthony Vincent. I had already heard the name of Falling In Reverse, but I never listened to their songs. Listening to some other songs, I discovered that the singer is the former singer of another band, Escape The Fate ("My Apocalypse"), which brought me back high school memories, and I also learned that Escape The Fate was still existing and creating new songs, with a different line-up. It's not what I enjoy to listen to nowadays, so I haven't dug more.

People talked about "Watch The World Burn" because of its rap, and because of its high budget Star Wars inspired. I will add that there are some moments inspired by 'Bohemian Rhapsody' (Queen), and even if it's only for the rap, I highly appreciate the lyrics transcription on the video! Until then, I've only seen this on k-pop music videos.

Vintersea, whole discography - favorite of the month 💜

It's impossible for me to share only one song from this band, because I'm listening to their whoe discography now.

I had discovered 'The Holy Procession' not long after the video was released (video is below), and even if I enjoyed the intro and the transition between clean voice and growl, the long melodic bridge totally put me out of the song (at least, while watching the video, and discovering the band).

Under one video of Infected Rain, someone commented "Jinjer, Infected Rain, Spiritbox and Vintersea are bands I love". Since I know the first 3 bands mentionned in this comment, because I saw Jinjer live (in french), and that I also mentionned Spiritbox in my musical discoveries of september 2022, I was really curious about finding a new band that I was susceptible to enjoy.

Little did I know, I love their music now. The esthetic of their videos is either frozen landscapes (Vinter, Winter, well...) like in "Skies Set Ablaze" or "Entities", either really refined like in "Old Ones". There is an interesting contrast with the members outfits, either black jeans and hoodies, either evening dress for the singer, and I find this even funnier when she growls.

As for their musical genre, it's a "death symphonic metal with massive black metal influences". I love the mix between clean vocals (with a beautiful low pitched voice) and growls, and the instrumental parts are interesting.



You can find them on bandcamp.

Bonus : Tatiana Shmayluk (Jinjer) guesses if it's a human or an animal growling

A blindtest with metal riffs. Will you be able to find out when it's a human or an animal growling? It's sometimes easy, and other times not 😂

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