Musical discoveries, october 2023

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  1. 01. Hwasa - 'I Love My Body'
  2. 02. Misamo - 'Do Not Touch'
  3. 03. NewJeans - 'GODS', for League of Legends
  4. 04. MOYRA - 'Perception of Souls'
  5. 05. Nemophila - 'ZEN'
  6. 06. Ina-ich - 'Serpent'
  7. 07. Evanescence - 'Bring Me To Life (demo)'
  8. 08. Evanescence - 'Bring Me To Life', but played on a Xiaomi vaccum cleaner

The Spotify playlist is available here.

Hwasa - 'I Love My Body'

I write this article a little bit late, so this song is not that new, but when I discovered it, it was the latest new single of Hwasa.

You are going to tell me "Blah blah blah she speaks about body positive but she's not fat [...]" but for the kpop industry, if you're not skinny -or ultra skinny-, you're considered as fat, and it was hard for her when she debuted. Now she's an international star -she even made a duet with dua Lipa-, and she sends all of these negative injonctions to hell.

I think it sounds a little bit like "Made You Look" from Meghan Trainor, which I like. There are a lot of good vibes in this song.

Misamo - 'Do Not Touch'

I didn't know this group before, which reminds me a little bit of Blackpink, depending of bits of the song. I say this because of how the song is written, and the way the singing, the rapping part and the energy are organized. I precise this in case this is the first time you read my musical discoveries: no, I don't compare every female kpop group to Blackpink. I listen to a lot of different groupes, and I try to analyze songs deeper than that. For example, did you know that the songs "Shut Down" (Blackpink) and "Nxde" (from (G)-Idle)) were using melodies from old musical pieces like The Campanella or Carmen?


NewJeans - 'GODS', for League of Legends

It was the song created for the worldwide competition of League Of Legends. Like they did when the promoted (G)-Idle for their debut, they chose to make a collaboration with NewJeans, a growing group that gained in populkarity quickly lately. As usual, lyrics are war-oriented and they invite you not to lose hope and to fight, which I enjoy. But I'm a little bit disappointed of the live version of the song, performed during the opening ceremony of the final day of the competition: the MISE EN SCENE seems less impressive than what was done for K/DA, and the choreography and their outfits look a little bit dull. As a reminder, kpop is well known for its impressive choreographies, creating a "woaw" effect. This is only my opinion, and as you may know I'm a big fan of (G)-Idle and K/DA, so my vision may be a little bit biased.


MOYRA - 'Perception Of Souls'

I discovered this song by chance on Youtube. This makes me think of some Arch Enemy (with Angela Gossow) but also with clean vocals, and you may know that I love when there are different ways of singing - or more precisely, I really enjoy when there is not only harsh vocals.


Nemophila - 'ZEN'

When I discoverd Hanabie in musical discoveries of august, people in the commented under their Youtube videos suggested to listen to Nemophila if you enjoyed this kind of genre. I was not disappointed of this discovery, because the 5 japanese musicians of Nemophila propose a really energetic and angry metal - perfect if you want to break things, such as patriarchy. Their music also includes both clean vocals and harsh vocals, and I just wrote a few lines above that I loved that.


Ina-Ich - 'Serpent'

I discovered Ina-Ich 15 years ago with their first single "Âme Armée, from their first album that I really engjoyed. Some of my favourites were "Libre comme l'eau", "Parfait", "Crache". I don't listen much to french music now, but I was interested in this new single from their last album. Though their style has evolved through the years, I still recognize their sharp lyrics and the raspy voice that got me hooked the first time.

Evanescence - 'Bring Me To Life (demo)'

If you know several songs of Evanescence, you might have noticed that the male rap part in the bridge of BMTL is quite unusual. And if you're a fan of the band, you might have read an interview of Amy Lee, the singer, where she explained that this male rap part was added according to the requirement of their label because they would not allow the song to go on the radio otherwise, the song was judged too girly-ish. 20 years later, after musicians changed, and now that the band is independent from a label, they released the demo version of their iconic song? obviously, there is no rap part, but also the overall ambiance of the song is different: less heavy guitars, more electro floating in the air like what they did on their first album "Origin", or on their other old songs such as "Field Of Innocence" or "It Was All A Lie".

As a musician, I like being able to listen to different version of the same song, and this version is nice too.

Evanescence - "Bring Me To Life", but played on a Xiaomi vaccum cleaner

When @PhieLaidMignon noticed his vaccum cleaner could run a web server, he first hosted a website on it. And then he saw the vaccum had speakers, so he add music to play when the vaccum starts, like when we did on Windows a long time ago... What, your vaccum does not play music? 😄

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