My cat destroyed the Christmas tree so I made an illustration about it

If you read my previous post The Christmas' Symphonie with the free wallpaper to download, you may know that my cat Symphonie loves destroying the Christmas tree, such as chewing its branches, playing with the ornaments... In the video below, I'm giving more details about my art process, and I even included a short video of Symphonie while she's chewing the Christmas tree!

Watch the video on Youtube


I hope you'll like it!


Here is the transcription of the video, so I can go further into details:

The sketch

I always start by making a sketch on paper, either in my sketchbook or on a separate sheet of paper. And when I don't have a clear vision of the final result in mind, I even make a preparatory thumbnail.
For this illustration, I had a rather precise idea of what I wanted to draw, so I skipped the thumbnail step and I sketched directly.

The digital transformation of the sketch on paper

In order to make digital a sketch on paper, the "good old way" is to scan it, especially when the paper's dimensions are smaller or equal to A4, et that it fits into a scanner (unless you have a professional scanner where bigger sheets of paper can fit). I used to use my scanner for a long time, but I have to admit that new smartphones and tablets are way more practical for this. By "new", I mean: since at least 2021, because it's the year I bought my Android tablet, and I discover the mode "smart scan" of the camera.

This enables me to shoot a picture of my sketchbook, and even if I'm not perfectly perpendicular to it, the "smart scan" mode is able to recreate an image well rectangle of the sheet and of my illustration. Hence, the angles of my drawing are well respected, and my backgrounds are not skewed.

a picture of my tablet opened in the camera, above my sketchbook. The camera places yellow lines around my sketchbook

So when I take a picture of an illustration and click on the yellow button "Search" (it's "Rechercher" in my french interface), the camera will automatically look for text and detect a rectangle around it (in yellow on the picture), and then will focus only on this for the final picture.

same with me adjusting the corners of the yellow rectangle with the stylus

With the stylus, I can adjust the corners' position for more precision, and even if the picture of the tablet show that my illustration looks like a trapeze, it will create a rectangular photo, and then a rectangular illustration.

The drawing software

I feel like I'm writing it for every post, and I will keep writing it: I use Krita for making all of my illustrations. Since 2021 (or late 2020), Krita is also available on Android, and I'm so happy about it. So, now that I have a digital photo of my sketch, I can directly import this photo on Krita.

I create new layers for the inking, and even groups of layer so I can move easily every cat around the tree.

The timelapse recording

Since version 5, Krita has a built-in timelapse recorder, which does not directly records video, but instead takes screenshots at an interval that you can set, and that you can change according to your drawing strokes speed (and the remaining empty space disk of your device). I let the default settings, which is 5 seconds. And to be able to create videos from these screenshots, Krita needs ffmpeg (I already talked about it in the post of my first use of the built-in timelapse recorder in Krita), and provides a graphical interface for it.

But since ffmpeg being not available on Android, it's the time where I export all the screenshots to my computer, currently with Ubuntu 22.04.


You may have noticed that the illustration in the timelapse does not have the same dimensions all throughout the video. At the beginning, it's more of a A5 display, which is the size of my sketchbook, and at the end, I increased the width to be more of a 16:9 because it was meant to be a desktop wallpaper, that you can find at your price on the shop (starting for free) 🐱🎄.

The problem is that in Krita, it's not possible to create one video with images of different dimensions because either the beginning or the end picture will be distorted. So, I had to look for more informations into ffmpeg's documentation, and I will explain my process below.

#creates a video from several images with a specific pattern name
ffmpeg -f image2 -framerate 12 -i foo-%03d.jpeg -s WxH foo.avi 

Those of you who are used to use the CLI (Command Line Interface) will propably guess how to make only one script to tell ffmpeg "take all the the pictures from 000001 to 001512 in 3224x2342 then 001513 to 002947 en 4162x2342", but I'm not able to do this yet ˆˆ

With my beginner approch to CLI, and also since there's only one dimension change, it was easier for me to look for which picture changed dimension with its filename, and then create a second folder which will contain all the pictures with a higher width. On my screenshots, it's the folder named "2".

First video in A5 display

In my root directory, I can now open a terminal et paste the script below that will create a video in A5 display:

ffmpeg -f image2 -pattern_type glob -framerate 12 -i '*.jpg' -s 3224x2342 partie1.avi //A5 display

Explaination :
I'm in my root directory, all my pictures are in 3224x2342, and they are all in jpg. I want to use them all, hence the "*.jpg".

screenshot of my root directory with the screenshots recorded by Krita timelapse recorder

same directory, with the video well created at the end

The video is well created.

Second video in 16:9 display

Then, I opened my directory "2", with pictures in 16:9 display, and I use the same script with only changing the width of the output video:

ffmpeg -f image2 -pattern_type glob -framerate 12 -i '*.jpg' -s 4162x2342 partie2.avi //16:9 display

If you are experienced in using the CLI and have tips for me, I will gladly accept them! 😀

directory with pictures in 16:9 display and the corresponding video that it's well created by the script

By the way, the desktop wallpaper that you see in my screenshots is the one of the bath of the fairy 😉

The video editing

Then, in your favourite video editing software, you can now assemble the two videos, and there is your 😉 I'm currently using ShotCut for now.

And that's it for the transcription! 😊

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